Contribution Terms & Conditions

The “Science” section in the Science Card app allows you to make contributions to projects in the fields of healthcare, climate, and computing which are being sponsored through various universities (the “University”). Users can monitor those contributions and the projects against which they have been allocated so they can see the difference you are making in the world.

1. Contribution Methods

You can contribute in three different ways:

a. Round-ups
b. Monthly contribution
c. One-off contribution

Simply make your choice on the app, and you will be guided from there.Any of the three contribution methods can be used when contributing to a specific project. When contributing to a scientific theme, only round-ups and monthly contributions can be used as the contribution method.

The scientific themes available for contribution are healthcare, climate science and computer science. Specific projects are displayed in the app under their respective theme.

2. Contribution Services

Your contribution will be processed by Science Card Limited and distributed to your chosen project or the scientific theme of interest as specified by you at the time of your contribution.

Contributions are aggregated by Science Card Limited until the project is sufficiently funded. Once the University is in agreement that the project is sufficiently funded, Science Card Limited will transfer the funds to the University. Science Card Limited will charge the University 5% of the total funding amount sought per project which covers the capture of the contributions and the administrative costs.

3. Round-up contributions

You may make contributions by rounding up purchases to the nearest pound value (“Round-ups”).

By selecting to make round-ups, you authorise Science Card Limited to retain the difference between the value of your purchase and the next highest round figure and to distribute that amount to the project or scientific theme of research of your choice.

You also have an option to multiply your roundup contribution by 2,3,4, or 10 times.

Users can only select to contribute via rounds to a specific research project or to a scientific theme of research. If user contributions are to a theme of research, the round-ups will be uniformly distributed to the projects within the theme.

4. One-off or Monthly contributions

You can also make ad hoc contributions or monthly fixed amount contributions.

By making a direct contribution, you authorise Science Limited to retain the contribution amount and distribute that amount to the project or scientific research theme of your choice.

The minimum monthly fixed contribution is £1.

Users can select to contribute via monthly contributions to a specific research project or to a theme of research. If user contributions are to a theme of research, the round-ups will be uniformly distributed to the projects within the theme.

One-off contributions can only be made to a specific research project, one at a time.

5. In the event that your chosen project is no longer available for contribution

Science Card will use best efforts to fund projects at the direction of the customer. In the event that the project cannot be funded as the customer directs, the contributed funds will be shared uniformly amongst projects in the same theme of research.

    6. Remainder amounts on contributions to a scientific theme of research

    In the event that funds contributed to one of the scientific themes of research are indivisible in whole amounts (to the nearest £0.01), the remainder will be contributed uniformly amongst the projects in that theme of research.

    7. How does it work

    On the App in the science section, you will be presented with a number of choices.  These will include your contribution method and contribution amount.  Once you have selected, you will then need to consider where you would like your contribution to go. Here you can choose to allocate your contribution against a live project, or if you are unsure, you can select one theme of research.

    Once you are happy with your choice and you want to proceed with the contribution, your contribution will be taken from your account by Science Card and will be immediately transferred to the Science Card holding account ahead of its release to the chosen projects.

    8. Tracking my contributions

    You will be able to see the impact of your contribution on the “My Impact” dashboard in the Science Card Mobile App.  Where you have selected a theme of research and not a specific project, the contribution will be split amongst the projects listed within your chosen theme.  “My Impact” gets updated daily.

    9. Changing my project

    If you decide to change your project or your theme of research you simply terminate your contribution pledge on the App and set up a new one. No questions asked and friction free.

    10. Unauthorised Card Use

    If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, please follow the procedure set out in Science Card’s Terms and Conditions.

    Contributions made in the process of fraudulent activity will be reversed and sums returned to your account.

    11. Refunds

    We work hard to ensure you have a trouble-free journey when making a contribution and we want to make it as smooth as possible.  However we realise that sometimes errors can happen, there may be an occasion when you need to speak to one of our contribution Team to discuss your contribution.  Please email our customer support at,  we’ll ask you a few questions to determine what’s happened so that we can help in any way that we can.

    We are committed to the highest standards of legal compliance and we treat all requests for refunds with the utmost importance.Your concerns are important to us and we want to reassure you that we’ll update you every step of the way.

    12. Termination

    Just like changing your project or your research theme you can simply terminate your contribution pledge on the App at any time, take a break and then rejoin us when you are ready.

    13. Status

    Science Card Limited has no political affiliations nor is it with any public officials or foreign public officials.

    14. General

    Science Card Limited reserves the right to amend these contribution terms at any time.

    These contribution terms are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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