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Through everyday financial activity, we can create a sustainable future.

Embrace the future

Accelerating science to change the world

Scientific research is crucial to building a sustainable future for society.

Research into the biggest challenges facing society is currently underfunded.

By using the Science Card Standard account, you will be helping to bridge this gap.

The small act of opening an account can lead to big impacts in areas such as climate change and healthcare.

Everyday banking

Free-to-open e-money current accounts.

A Mastercard® debit card, in your wallet, on your phone, on your watch.

Your own secure account number.  25-26-11 30447183

Domestic and international payments, plus instant payments to other Science Card customers.

Immersive data on your spending habits through the Science Card app.

Industry-leading security features to protect your account, your personal data and your card.

Accounts available in British pounds.

Accelerating science

Whether you use your Science Card account to contribute to scientific research projects, or just for your daily spending, you're helping build a sustainable future.

Round up your card payments into the research project or theme of your choice.

Make one-off or monthly contributions into research projects.

10% of our profits will be put towards our sourced research projects.

How you can advance scientific research with your current account


Review the research projects seeking funding in the Science Card app.


Choose projects that matter to you and decide how to support them.


Track the progress of your chosen research projects towards their funding targets.


Read reports of how your projects are progressing once funded.

Physical and virtual cards


Free Mastercard® powered debit card.


Features contactless payments, with your card, on your phone and on your watch.


Freeze or block your card whenever you need to.


Limited Launch Edition cards available to our early customers!


Virtual cards are free to create.


Use as a disposable card to protect your real details online.


Freeze or delete cards, and create new ones, as you please.

Smart Vaults

See your full balance at a glance and shift funds between customisable vaults, for a smarter financial outlook.

account number

Every account comes with its own account number, IBAN, and even a SWIFT code. Whether you're depositing your salary into your Science Card account or receiving international payments from friends and family, our system ensures seamless simplicity.

customer service

Experience exceptional customer service with our secure in-app messaging system, giving you direct access to our customer service team and ensuring a prompt response to any queries or concerns.

No hidden fees when spending abroad

Mastercard® exchange rate with no extra fees from us.

Experience seamless transactions around the world, everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Your safety is our priority

Temporarily freeze or permanently block your card from within the Science Card app.

Industry-leading security features to protect your account and card.

Virtual cards - create and use to protect your information online, and delete and create a new one at any time, all for no extra charge.

Privacy is paramount at Science Card. We never drop cookies on our website and will never sell your data to third parties.

Fund scientific research and innovation and have a positive impact on the biggest challenges facing society.

  • Round up your daily purchases and contribute to your preferred projects

  • Make one-off contributions to research projects of your choice

How you can advance scientific research with your account

Join Science Card
Choose projects that matter
to you and decide how to
support them
Track the progress of your
chosen research projects
towards their funding targets
Review the research projects
seeking funding in the Science
Card app
Read reports of how your
projects are progressing
once funded

Some of the world-changing projects we’re funding

Open for funding
Unlocking the secrets of neurodegenerative diseases
Prof Emad Moeendarbary
Explore project
Coming Soon
Open for funding
Unraveling the potential of fig latex in the battle against cervical cancer
Dr Hossein Ashrafi
Explore project
Coming Soon
Open for funding
Cold fusion technology
Dr John Herbert
Explore project
Coming Soon

Accounts with real impact

Fusion account
£19.90 per month

Actively engage in funding scientific research

Coming soon: benefit from the IP of the projects you sponsor

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Frequently asked questions

What is Science Card?

Science Card is an e-money current account that allows you to contribute to scientific research projects in areas like climate change, healthcare, and computing through your everyday spending. It's free to open an account, and you can start making a difference today.

How can I open an account with Science Card?

To open an account with Science Card, follow these simple steps using our mobile app:

Download the Science Card App: Start by downloading our mobile app on your Android device or iPhone. You can find the app on the Google Play Store here and on the Apple App Store here.

Provide Information: After downloading the app, open it and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll need to enter the following information:

Your full name

Email address

Phone number

Choose a PIN code

Verify Your Identity: As part of our security measures, we require you to verify your identity. You'll be prompted to upload an identity document, such as your passport, and to take a selfie.

Account Review Update:

Once you've completed the steps above, our team will review your information. We aim to approve your account within a few minutes. However, it's important to note that while we strive to facilitate account approval for eligible applicants, all accounts are approved subject to our account conditions, opening criteria, and rules. In certain cases, if any details are missing or require clarification, we'll reach out to you for further information.

With these simple steps, you'll be ready to propel innovation and scientific progress with Science Card. If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the process, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

Are there any age restrictions to open a Science Card account?

Science Card is available to people who are 18 years old and above.

Is Science Card available to non-UK residents?

Currently, Science Card is available for UK residents. We are working on expanding to other countries to empower more people to contribute to scientific advancements. If you would like us to let you know when Science Card is available in your country, please email

When will Science Card's e-money current accounts be available?

Science Card is excited to announce that our e-money current accounts will be launching this autumn. Be one of the first in line to open an account and enjoy all the benefits it offers by signing up to our waitlist now. As a waitlist member, you will have early access to Science Card's accounts.

The needle-free injection, which came out of Oxford University in 1993, has earned millions for its inventor.

Could you benefit from the IP of the next big medical device?

Science Card
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Join us in our mission to
accelerate human knowledge

Sign up now for early access and more when we launch this autumn (we only have a few places left on our early access list, but don’t worry, you’re in!)

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