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Propelling scientific discovery to build a sustainable future — through everyday payments




Scientific Research

Science Card is an e-money current account dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery, in order to build a sustainable future for society. Science Card customers have the ability to propel scientific discovery through their everyday payments. But what does this actually mean, and how is this achieved?

At Science Card, the scientific research projects that we select for your support focus on three pillars, each of which has the potential for immense positive impact on our collective future: combating climate change, advancing healthcare, and propelling computational research.

Combating climate change

In the fight against climate change, we seek research projects that tackle the critical issues generated by climate change and the human impact on the environment: pioneering strategies for carbon-neutral urban growth, enhancing soil health and sustainable agriculture, achieving Net Zero, and supporting the sustainable management and utilisation of aquatic ecosystems.

Advancing healthcare

Serious illnesses affect millions of people worldwide directly, and far more indirectly. The family, friends, and loved ones of people suffering from the world’s major diseases are impacted too. The scientific research projects on the Science Card platform that focus on healthcare advance our ability to prevent and cure chronic diseases such as cancer and dementia, and drive equity in healthcare, making it available to all.

Propelling computational research

Advancing computing power is essential to scientific research in climate change and healthcare. The evolution and use of quantum computing and AI creates new opportunities for generating and analysing the complex data necessary to conducting research in these fields.

Crucial research projects in these areas can now be selected and accelerated by you, just through your normal day-to-day spending.

Changing the world, one coffee at a time

When you open an account with Science Card, you’re gaining access to a whole new way to contribute to groundbreaking scientific research projects. And it all begins in the Science Card app.

Once you’ve set up your Science Card account, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a research theme or project, and enable the round-ups feature through the app. With this feature activated, your everyday spending becomes a catalyst for change.

Here’s how it works: let’s say you’re grabbing your morning coffee, and it costs £2.95. With roundups switched on, you’ll be contributing that extra £0.05 in change towards your chosen research project or theme.

You get to decide in the app which projects to support, and can choose the ones that matter most to you, whether that’s related to healthcare, climate change, or computing. It’s entirely up to you: you have the power to support the causes that resonate the most with you. It’s an opportunity to transform your daily transactions into meaningful contributions, with ease: every time you make a purchase, with round-ups enabled, you are actively propelling scientific research with the potential to yield life-altering results, ultimately paving the way for a healthier society and a more sustainable future.

But that’s not all. With the Science Card app, you can also track the funding progress of each project. And when the project’s funding target is met, your contributions are sent directly to the project. This streamlined process ensures that research can kick off without delay.

Round-up multipliers

The round-up feature in the Science Card app also allows you to put a multiplier on your round-ups. Say for example you switch the 2x multiplier on, the £0.05 round-up from that £2.95 coffee will be increased to £0.10.

Pausing round-ups

To keep you in complete control of your contributions, round-ups can be paused at any time in the Science Card app.

One-off and monthly direct contributions

Rounding up is not the only way to support your favourite research projects. You can contribute any amount, however large or small, as a one-off directly to any open project on the Science Card app. And if you’d prefer to set up a regular monthly contribution to a project, that’s possible too — just select the project you’d like to contribute to, and the amount, from £1 and up, and that amount will automatically be contributed from your account to your chosen project each month.

Just using your Science Card account propels scientific discovery

Science Card is more than just a home for your money; we are a socially conscious company, committed to allocating 10% of our profits to our carefully sourced research projects: the ones that have the highest potential to benefit society as a whole. As you make use of your Science Card account in your day-to-day spending, you not only support this collective mission but also enable us to enhance and expand our services, enabling vital funding for high-impact scientific research projects.

Whether you contribute directly to research projects or simply hold a Science Card account, your everyday payments are actively advancing scientific discovery, propelling innovation and sustainable technology.

Join us on our mission.