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What is Science Card?




About Science Card

Science Card is a new home for your money. We’re the UK’s first current account dedicated to accelerating science and technology, harnessing the power of the banking system to make a positive impact on all our futures.

Your mission is our mission

We all use our accounts and cards for making payments and keeping our money safe — banking is an essential part of daily life. But not many banks use your money — and all that power they hold — for the greater good. And that’s not great.

At Science Card, we’re setting out to change that. We’ve designed a way to take something that we all use, every day, and transform it into a force for positive change. We’re going to make banking products that work for the benefit of society, not just for the benefit of bankers. And we believe that funding scientific research is the most effective way to bring about lasting, sustainable progress.

If you believe that we need to take active steps towards making the world liveable for future generations, then join us, and together we’ll use the banking system to do precisely that.

How does Science Card actually work?

Support vital scientific research with Science Card, just through your normal daily spending.

With a Mastercard debit card, and a full set of account and payments features including standing orders and direct debits, smart vaults for managing your money and immersive analytics on your spending, Science Card has reimagined current accounts for a life with purpose.

And here’s where it gets different.

The Science Card app will also host a range of scientific research projects that you can explore and contribute to. Whether your interest is in combating climate change, in progressing healthcare, or in advancing the power of quantum computing, we’ll hand-pick research projects for you.

You choose which projects and themes to fund, with round-ups from your account, direct contributions, and contributions from Science Card based on your spending. Every purchase you make counts towards the total funding the project receives; every purchase you make helps drive positive change.

Your support accelerates scientific research and discovery

We work hand-in-hand with the UK’s leading universities to source research projects that our panel of scientists determine will have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of society. Crucially, when you support these projects, you speed them up — and help drive positive change at a far greater pace than would otherwise be possible.

Science Card will enable you to fund scientific research both directly, and through your everyday spending.

  • Every time you use the Science Card Mastercard debit card, you’ll be able to round-up the amount you’ve spent to the nearest pound. This contribution goes to your chosen scientific research projects.
  • You can additionally make a contribution (of any size) directly to the scientific research project or theme of your choice in the Science Card app.
  • When you make a purchase over £200, we will contribute to your chosen scientific research projects with a share of the revenue that we receive for that payment.
  • 10% of our own profits will be used to directly fund the scientific research projects in the Science Card app.

You don’t need to be a billionaire to make a difference

Whether you’re supporting scientific research with pennies from round-ups from your card purchases, or making contributions of a few pounds or more directly to a project in the Science Card app, you are helping make a significant impact — and you can track just how much you’ve contributed to each project in the app.

Without funding, scientific research is unable to happen. And without scientific research, the advancements that we take for granted in combating climate change, or in healthcare, would never be possible.

By funding scientific research projects with Science Card, you are changing the way that we support scientific research here in the UK.